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Kids, More S.U.G.A.R. empowers children by providing self-esteem building programs and tools (Children and Adult Powerful Positive Thinking classes, affirmation coloring books, eBook guides, games, coloring pages, conversation exercises ) that teach the value of positive thinking and speaking via affirmations. S.U.G.A.R. (Saying Unforgettable Good Affirmations Regularly)

Cell Phone Sir S.U.G.A.R. 
Coolest Coloring Book Series

Adults will love the positive messages and lessons, and children will find
lifelong friends in the loving, funny, and engaging characters.

Cell Phone Sir S.U.G.A.R.


Positive Affirmation Coloring & Story Books

This eight-part book series summaries below features the main characters Will and Lil, who work through challenging situations with the help of a clever cell phone named Cell Phone Sir S.U.G.A.R.
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Lil’s Science Experiment

Join Lil as she demonstrates forgiveness and teamwork, as preparations for the science fair take an explosive turn!

Lil’s Science Experiment II

Lil and her friends learn how to make good decisions and give it their all, as they battle for first place in the science fair.

Will’s New Business

Join Will as he is moved to use his wit and entrepreneurial spirit to buy a life-changing gift for a friend in need.

Will’s New Business II

Will exercises patience and learns to have difficult conversations in order to build a great friendship, as his bike washing business makes more money than ever before.

Lil Builds Many Houses

Join Lil as her caring heart and determination lead her on a mission to build houses for some cute deserving creatures.

Lil’s Super Soccer Game

Join Lil as she displays perseverance and maturity leading up to the nail-biting final kick of the championship soccer game.

Will’s Powerful Friends

Join Will and his resilient friends as they join forces in the art of negotiation and compromise to ensure that they have a fun-filled summer.

Will’s New Invention

Join Will as he lovingly uses his creativity and ingenuity in search of a solution to Grandpa’s problem.

Train Your Brain
with Sugar

Is our program that uses affirmations to teach children the power of positive thinking and speaking. The purpose of the curriculum is to help build self-esteem, a growth mindset, and empower children with life-long lessons for success. We can conduct training in-person or on-line.

Our Author

Elaine Sugar has years of experience in facilitating award-winning children’s self-esteem building programs, evidenced by the Philadelphia 76ers Hometown Hero award and multiple Police Athletic League Volunteer awards. To learn more about the author, click here.
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