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“Elaine, I love your books. You do have a special gift, and your message is so needed in this day and age! You have done it in a fun and engaging way for kids while delivering a strong, positive message to them.”

Mike Bowling
Entrepreneur, Creator of Pound Puppies

Kids More Sugar LLC

You are making a wonderful contribution to children’s lives, as well as making the world a better place for our children, who, one day will be in positions of influence in our communities and country.”

Karen Fischer, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist


I love the book. Excellent— message for kids today. Opposite of what they are being taught by society. Maybe old fashion view— “work hard good things happen. Life rewards action. Decisions have consequences. Be the matter great or small— do it well or not at all”

Carl Fischer, Former Rocket Scientist and Veteran Investor
CamaPlan Co-Founder (IRA Expert)

“The pieces show teamwork and problem-solving, all creating moments of discussion. These were works of love and that shows. Brava! Brava!”

Essie Abrahams-Goldberg
Educator for 40 years

“These books are amazing. I love them all. I love the powerful messages. Children will love the alliterations. The characters find themselves in all different types of situations and they demonstrate the importance of practice, patience, and perseverance. Teachers can do a lot of interactive follow-up exercises. Even as an adult, these are books that I can read over and over again.”

Kathy E. Brantley
Educator for 26 years

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