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First, let me thank the team that shared my vision and committed to the work that propelled that vision into reality:

Editor: Becca Weber
Illustrator & Marketing Consultant: Onesimus Morrison
Illustrator & Creative Consultant: Angelo Walker
Graphic Designer: Brandon Sugar
Child Education Advisor & Elementary School Teacher: Jennifer Kitt
As I am rallying support for kids everywhere, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have people supporting me throughout my life. I extend my sincerest appreciation to you all.

To the ultimate mentors and business partners, the Morrison Family & Assoc. Thank you for planting the seeds and helping me fertilize my cerebral garden that ignited growth in facets of my life that I would have otherwise regrettably left unexplored and unaccomplished.

Verbal flowers for two senior citizens who still “lovingly” challenge me and keep me in line: Julia Morrison & Grace Hart. Julia Morrison, 90 never looked so good!

Thank you to my family and life-long hometown influences from Jacksonville, Florida. To my long-suffering siblings: Willie Jr., Johnny, Bernard, James, Deloris, Brenda, Linda, Jennifer, and the entire Sugar family. To the men in the family, you are loved and your lives most certainly matter: Isaiah, Taye, Martaz, Johnterrious, Gabriel, Daquan, and Kameron, Ebony, Naki, Aiku, Rock, Jacari, Giovanni, Mark, and Gary. The beautiful ladies: Sophie, Tori, Julie, Aisha, Alaina, Astreia, Brandi, India, Chantel, Felicia, Naya, Kiyah, Emma, Gionni, Selena, Aaliyah, and Ariah. Those who made the neighborhood “home”: Devin Reed (I remember the encouragement), the Monroe family, White family, Kelly family, and the endearing Mary Young & Granny Gloria. Kisses to all the cool cousins in NY, NJ, VA, Carolinas, GA, FL, etc.

My work family: My mentor Steve Boehm, Nancy Krajnikovich, Jo Ann Ferson, Chuck D’Angelo, and all of the old W.D.A. teams, and members of Corporate Service Team 700. My work “rocks” in recent years: Aileen, Debbie M., Debbie S., Jahan, Shari, and all the leaders and members of Susanne, Ergetu, Melissa, Charlie, John, and Wayne’s teams. Good people!

To the most upstanding neighbors, a girl can have when entering into homeownership for the first time: Angie, Tony, Angelique, and Sheila. If all neighbors were like you, the world would be a better place.

Thank you to the mentors, coaches, valued advisors, and organizations who are currently providing guidance and encouragement as I pursue entrepreneurial ambitions: John Hepner, Marc Halpern, Carl Fischer, Don Brown & memory of Mardi Harrison, Karen Fischer & Michael Yalowitz, Rich Brunner, Tom Gilles, Dan Harvey, Chris & Elsie Rydbom, Rocco Esposito, Dave Ahlzadeh, Howard Coff, Neil Kugelman, Mike Bowling (my dad would love the kindness and support you’ve continued to show his children). As well as, DIG, SJREIA, HAPCO, SCORE, Entrepreneur Works, the Women’s Business Enterprise Center East & Melanie McLeod, Angela Long and Right Management; and Shelly Bell and the classy ladies of Black Girl Ventures.

Last and certainly not least, to Susan Slawson, Vanessa Jennings, James Washington, Terri, Steve Cozen of Cozen and O’Connor, and the treasure of children who stole my heart years ago at the Cozen Police Athletic League in Francisville. Thanks for the lessons & love.

May all the adults in the world ensure that every child amasses such a list.

Kids More Sugar LLC